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New Mexico State University

Protecting Our Future

Image of NMSU's  Joanne Esparza

Joanne Esparza is on a mission: To help safeguard our country's interests at home and abroad. Esparza, division manager for the Information Sciences and Security Systems Department at New Mexico State University's Physical Science Laboratory (PSL), manages large Department of Defense contracts in support of various missions.

Through her leadership, PSL staff perform research and development and provides engineering support for programs and projects within the Army's Information Operations Vulnerability/Survivability Assessment (IOVSA) program.

Understanding and assessing the impacts of various technological threat areas, against military systems, doctrine and/or decision-making processes, is critical in order to help diminish system, network and battlefield vulnerabilities.

Programs and projects:

  • Electronic Warfare
  • Information Warfare/Information Assurance
  • Operations Security
  • Command and Control Warfare

Esparza leads NMSU’s Physical Science Laboratory’s Information Sciences and Security Systems Department. She received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Stanford University and took numerous graduate courses in Applied Number Theory, Probability Methods, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, and Combinatorics at UCLA.

Information Sciences and Security Systems

Physical Science Laboratory

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